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The Founder
Stacy Heen Lennon
Founder and CEO

After Stacy delivered a talk on negotiation at the Society of Women Engineers’ annual conference in 2015, young women encircled her, hungry for more advice. She had a light bulb moment. She’d spent the last 20 years helping men and women around the globe address their most important negotiations and high stakes conflicts, and she saw the need to trod into new territory: supporting women working in (male-dominated) STEM fields.

Stacy's own journey with negotiation began when she took a Negotiation class at Harvard. The class blew her mind. “The idea that there was a tangible, specific skill set that could help me get more of what I wanted in life was . . . shocking, in the best possible way. And I suddenly knew that this negotiation thing is what I wanted to do for a living.”

Since then, Stacy has worked with UN diplomats, humanitarian aid workers, police officers, oil company executives, investment bankers, private equity companies, labor leaders, parliamentarians, and defense contractors, among others.

She’s taught at Georgetown Law School, University of Massachusetts-Boston, the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins, and she currently teaches Conflict Management and Leadership classes to engineers at Tufts University's Gordon Institute.

Stacy holds a master’s degree in international relations from The Fletcher School at Tufts University, and Master of City Planning and Bachelor of Science in Art and Design degrees from MIT. She lives in Boston with her husband Dan and two young children. Her four-year old son's negotiation prowess keeps her humble.