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Salary Negotiation Clinic

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This four-hour session is intended for women who are preparing for a salary, raise, or promotion discussion. The clinic gives women a chance to prepare effectively, practice making their pitch, and respond to pushback. Additional topics include:

  • Research Findings on Gender and Negotiation
  • Why Having a Plan B Should Be Plan A
  • Using Presence and Language To Your Advantage
Help Right Now

Do you need real-time, practical advice for a high stakes negotiation situation? We can jump in with you so you get the best outcome. Examples of situations we can help with: salary negotiations; performance feedback (offering or receiving); working with a difficult manager; negotiating for resources (budget, headcount); influencing without authority (e.g. getting what you need from peers, colleagues, or others “across the matrix”); managing a difficult employee; customer/client pushback, and more. 

Happy Hour/Brunch Workshop

Are you in the Boston metro area? Do you have a group of 8-12 women colleagues or friends who would love to spend an evening or half-day getting expert input on negotiation, influence, conflict management, or collaboration, with ideas that you can use tomorrow? You provide the venue, refreshments and people, we’ll provide an engaging, thought-provoking session with time for discussion. Great for book groups, cooking clubs, Meet-ups, and small networking events. Limited to locations within the I-495 corridor.

Negotiation Boot Camp

Many women think of salary negotiations as one of the only "real" negotiations they undertake at work -- yet anytime we are trying to influence someone else, or they are trying to influence us, we are in a negotiation. Indeed, in the work place, the myriad daily interactions we have with peers, managers, customers, and vendors just to get stuff done, are all negotiations. And all of the interactions we have throughout the work week, month, and year have a significant impact on our ability to negotiate successfully for that next raise or promotion. Negotiation Boot Camp will provide a very practical grounding in negotiation theory, gender research, and action skills that will give you confidence in taking your career to the next level.

Individual Coaching

Upgrade your overall negotiation skill set. As your Personal Negotiation Coach, we’ll mentor you over a period of months to identify the behavioral patterns that may be getting in your way, and replace those patterns with new skills that will help you advance your career.