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Great for business.

One study showed that firms with 30 percent of their leadership roles held by women added an average of 6 percent to net profit margin. Another demonstrated that engaged gender-diverse business units earned 46% higher revenue and 56% higher profit than less diverse business units. Yet retaining and advancing women takes more than clever incentives and perks; it takes a change in your corporate culture and an investment in your female employees from the moment they’re hired. Our negotiation learning engagements give your company the power to transform, and the women in your company the power to do their jobs most effectively.

The benefits are clear: organizations who support their women increase their ROI and improve their bottom line. At the same time, women put down roots in companies - and industries - that support and affirm their ambitions.

Learn the Fundamentals

Being able to negotiate effectively isn’t a "you either have it, or you don't" personality trait. Everyone can improve their negotiation skills -- and thus results --  with knowledge, practice, and feedback. We incorporate interactive, relevant, cutting-edge content into all of our workplace learning engagements, whether in the form of a 3-day intensive retreat or a 90-minute lunch-and-learn. Our core offerings are tailored to your specific needs.

What makes us experts? We’ve been teaching clients how to negotiate for decades. See our street cred.

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