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Why Focus on Gender?
Look around at your next meeting. How many women are speaking up? Who is leading the discussion? Who is taking notes or putting out the snacks?

Are your clients exclusively making eye contact with male team members? An honest look might reveal that your organization can do better to support the women within your ranks, and thereby unleash their potential to add even more value to your company’s bottom line.

Consider—as one part of a larger strategy—equipping the women and men within your organization or team with the knowledge, insight and skills to sidestep the gender biases that can derail a cross-team meeting, a client presentation or a supplier negotiation.


Hold onto your talent

Whether related to salary disparities, the amount and timing of raises and promotions, the (lack of) sponsorship and mentoring opportunities, or the social backlash women can experience for negotiating for resources, access, opportunities, or a voice at the table, collectively such negative experiences can demotivate and demoralize the very talent that you worked so hard to recruit and train.

Both women and men receive very little leadership training until after they become leaders. We think that’s a little backwards. You can start offering negotiation and leadership training at the outset so your employees have all the tools they need to be successful.

The woman who hones her negotiation skills will build confidence, establish strong relationships, gain the respect of others, and achieve results for her employer. You, in turn, will enjoy a strong ROI by investing in your female employees.