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Why Work With Us?
Imagine the conversation with your boss. You’re confident and articulate, and you win the day. But once the meeting actually happens, you falter and sputter.

How could things go so wrong? Negotiating effectively isn't about making a good speech (never mind the fact that the speech in your head rarely matches what you say out loud).  It's about knowledge, preparation, practice, and feedback. Negotiation isn’t an abstract idea. There are tangible research-based and field-tested negotiation techniques that work particularly well in the “masculine-dominant cultures” of many STEM companies. We can teach you these techniques.

Women must negotiate differently.

Sadly, it’s true. Women experience a unique social backlash when they advocate for themselves. We’re socially punished for engaging in assertive behavior. There are specific ways you can sidestep this backlash and negotiate effectively in a male-dominated work culture.

Train like your career depends on it. 

If you want to run a marathon, you don’t just hope you can huff your way through 26 miles. That would be ugly. You train, and you train hard. Let’s apply the same mindset to your career.

There’s a lot at stake. Women are four times less likely than men to negotiate salaries. By some estimates, women who fail to negotiate first salaries risk $2 million in lifetime earnings. Gah. That’s just salary. The training you do now will directly impact your success. And we advise you to start training now, early in your career.

We’ve got your back. Go ahead, take your career to the next level.