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Individual Consulting

You’re wicked smart. You’ve got the chops, the curiosity and the courage to lead in a cutting-edge STEM field. You’re as qualified as the next . . . well . . . guy. But that guy is out-earning you, leaping up the ladder while you’re still jockeying to speak in male-heavy meetings.
We’re urging you to go after what you want, and we’re able to equip you with the negotiation skills to get it.

Negotiation Skills

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There’s an art and science to getting what you want.

Salaries, pay raises, job descriptions, lab equipment, a corner office. It’s called negotiation, and sadly most of us haven’t been taught this skill. But you’re doing it everyday, when you negotiate what to binge watch on Netflix, where to order takeout, or who gets the parking spot in a crowded lot.

We’ll help you refine those skills.

And we don’t mean merely how to “ask” better. We’ve got research-supported skills advice that will make you an expert negotiator so you can take your career to the next level. 

We’re going to work with you to develop new skills to confidently maneuver your male-dominated workplaces.
XSquared Coaching

One-on-One Skills Coaching

How do you speak up and be heard? How do you say, “Hey, that’s not in my job description?” How do you influence decisions? How do you build alliances? And that burning question: How do you earn equal pay?
We can coach you from near or far, virtually or in-person, for one day or for several months. Check out our offerings. We’ve been teaching people and companies how to effectively negotiate for decades. See our street cred.


“This workshop was quite fascinating and extremely relevant. Great to get many wonderful strategies.” —XSquared Client